Sponsorship Package for Orthopaedic Academy

The Orthopaedic Academy is  a leading and fast-growing educational platform based in the UK , and dedicated to education of Orthopaedic professionals internationally

Awards :

  • Best webinar series from the British Orthopaedic Trainee Association BOTA
  • One of the best Orthopaedic Books of all times (Concise Orthopaedic Notes)

We are proud to work  with prominent international partners to promote Orthopaedic education worldwide .

The academy is priviliaged to have thousands of genuine followers  and our events have proved to be very popular:

  • Newsletter subscribers: 15000
  • YouTube: 15 000 subscribers and one million views 
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: 12 000 followers
  • Telegram group: 3000 members
  • Website clicks:  200 000 /month

Benefits included in your sponsorship package:

  • Boost your engagement with the orthopaedic community and increase awareness of your brands
  • Your logo, company profile and contact details (including social media) shared on the webpage, with direct link to your website
  • Your logo incorporated into all course related correspondence. Including course: poster, certificates and educational material shared with delegates
  • Inclusion in all course related social medial, emails, newsletters and YouTube adverts
  • Promotional video (provided by the sponsor & executed by us) played during break periods in our courses
  • Granting the sponsor a certificate of appreciation certified by the Academy, demonstrating your company’s commitment to education