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About us

The Orthopaedic Academy represents a pioneering educational hub, operated by accomplished Orthopaedic Surgeons with a strong background in education. We incorporate an amalgamation of tutorials, interactive live group sessions, and lectures into our teaching methodology. 

  • Our recognition and accreditation both within the UK and globally guarantee to learners that our establishment upholds high standards necessary for fostering best practices in education. 
  • We take great pride in the well-curated structure of our activities and resources, as evidenced by the exceptional feedback, remarkable success rate, and positive testimonials we receive from our attendees and readers.
  • Our approach is guided by the FAIR principles for enhanced learning:   
1. Feedback  is given to every learner from our team of faculty and mentors.
2. Active Learning using a variety of engaging and informational teaching methods .
3. Individualized Learning Plans designed around each learner’s unique needs and competencies.
4. Relevant: Our content is tailored to be practical and pertinent to learners’ professional requirements and career aspirations.
  • Our objective is to empower you to learn more effectively, not laboriously. We aim to support you in showcasing your determination and commitment to your speciality. 
  • We embrace the Socratic method of teaching, a strategy focused on motivating learners to display critical thinking and maximize their learning within a concise timeframe.
  • Join the thousands we have already assisted in successfully passing their orthopaedic examinations and advancing their careers – be part of our success story.

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